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When it comes to taking care of your teeth, you don't want to settle for a dentist that is anything less than the best. Your oral health not only affects your physical wellbeing, can also impact your self-confidence. Our team at Hillview Dental Group stays on top of current medical trends and utilizes cutting edge dental practices that will give you the help you need, now. We have extensive experience and will be able to diagnose an issue quickly by constantly providing an effectual plan of action. Call us at (408) 266-9999 to schedule a free consultation.

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We guarantee all our dental work!

Our team wants to make sure you aren't left in the dark when it comes to your teeth. Let our passionate and knowledgeable team at Hillview Dental Group fight with you towards the successful cosmetic or medical completion that your mouth needs. If you are interested in learning more about our services, we offer free consultations to discuss any possible treatments for you.

The following set us apart from other dental offices:

  • We offer 24 hour emergency care services
  • You can receive free teeth whitening and cleaning with Invisalign
  • We guarantee all our dental work

You are important, and our San Jose based dental office is fully staffed by professionals that want to treat you with the gentle attention that you need. Don't settle for anyone less than the best when it comes to your oral health. Whether you're confused about the outcome of a lost filling, cavity, or dislodged teeth, we have an answer. Our team believes in the integrity of your smile and can help enhance your oral health.

Contact our San Jose dentist at (408) 266-9999 now to schedule your free first consultation!

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  • Free Consultations
  • 24 Hour Emergency Care
  • Free Teeth Whitening and Cleaning with Invisalign
  • Guarantee on All Dental Work